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Why You Should Use a Diesel Generator

published on 21 September 2021 by bellwoodrewinds.co.uk
Why You Should Use a Diesel Generator? Diesel generators are a great option for homes and businesses that need backup... The post Why You Should Use a Diesel Generator appeared first on Bellwood Rewinds. ... >> read more

Royal Brierley: Everything You Need to Know

published on 21 September 2021 by crystalglassreplacement.com
If you love crystal glassware like we do, then you will know the name ‘Royal Brierley’.  This company represents a key part of the long legacy of classic crystal glassware, and with good reason.  Not only are they known for the exceptionally high quali... >> read more

How Do I Remove Stains From Composite Decking?

published on 21 September 2021 by ultradecking.co.uk
Stains on composite decking can distort its beautiful appearance. Hard water, oil, grease, paint spill, […]... >> read more

Wood Floor Renovation – DIY step-by-step guide

published on 21 September 2021 by underlay4u.co.uk
So you’ve just moved into a new (maybe old) house and you hate the carpets in the bedrooms. Your dying to see what’s underneath and hoping that there are some beautiful wood floor boards, which you can renovate and get back into tip-top sha... >> read more

How to Plan and Build a Dog Park in your Community

published on 21 September 2021 by marinpetwasteremoval.com
A community without a dog park is a disappointing one indeed. Where will you go to meet cute dogs, get your pet some off-leash time, and hang out with other dog owners? You don’t have to go without these fun benefits. You can plan and build a dog park ... >> read more

What are the different types of road surfaces

published on 21 September 2021 by bordersurfacing.co.uk
Road surfaces in the modern era must be capable of withstanding an incredible amount of wear and tear. A long way has been made in the development of road covering technology that now includes anything from family-sized cars to enormous construction eq... >> read more

Real Homes Awards | vistaline slide & turn doors named ‘Best of the Best’

published on 21 September 2021 by idsystems.co.uk
The post Real Homes Awards | vistaline slide & turn doors named ‘Best of the Best’ appeared first on IDSystems. ... >> read more

How to run the perfect bath

published on 21 September 2021 by mobility-plus.co.uk
Self-care has never been more important. It’s crucial to make time for yourself and to do things that will help you unwind. Having a bath is that time in your day to switch off from the outside world, disconnect from your working day and have the quali... >> read more

How Much Does a Gallon of Concrete Sealer Cover?

published on 21 September 2021 by sealwithease.com
When applying concrete sealer, it’s always best to ensure that you get maximum coverage. This ensures that your concrete is thoroughly protected and will last a long time.... >> read more

Improve Your Home Security With Sensor Lights

published on 20 September 2021 by mdselec.co.uk
You might be thinking that you have external lighting, and this offers you the security that you need, however, have you got outdoor sensor lights? Outdoor sensor lights are relatively inexpensive and a great security layer to add to your home, providi... >> read more

Buying a second Home Abroad? Why not Consider Madeira

published on 20 September 2021 by flatpackhouses.co.uk
Most people buy a second home for one of two reasons: as a bolt hole, or as a source of income, or maybe as a combination of the two. The big question is where? Climate is likely to be high on the list of criteria, as is proximity to a transport hub. F... >> read more

House Clearance Birmingham

published on 20 September 2021 by junkbusters.co.uk
How much does it cost to complete a house clearance in Birmingham? Whether you are moving house or revamping your current home; we want to help take the stress away! We will be with you from start to finish and be happy to answer any questions you may ... >> read more

The Importance of Investing in Professional Garage Door Repairs

published on 20 September 2021 by wessexgaragedoors.co.uk
When you purchase a garage door, you want to ensure your investment stands the test of time and lasts for many years to come. A big part of this is maintenance and repairs to keep it functioning properly and to avoid the risk of any faults developing. ... >> read more

DIY pest control for under $50

published on 20 September 2021 by propestcontrolsydney.com.au
First published by Pro Pest Control Sydney DIY pest control for under $50 Smart Tips for Natural DIY Pest Control Pests can be such a nuisance, especially in the home setup. Controlling pests has often proven to be a tiring and expensive process. This ... >> read more

Is artificial grass a suitable replacement for real grass?

published on 20 September 2021 by artificialgrass-direct.com
‘Is it best to use artificial grass here?’ is one of the most common questions we get asked by our clients and customers, and the answer is; it depends. The Family Home For families (particularly young families), we know that your most valuable resourc... >> read more

Home adaptations for seniors – an essential guide for independent living

published on 20 September 2021 by stiltz.co.uk
As we move into our senior years, we can become less agile and mobility can become challenging. You or a loved one may be struggling with the stairs or finding it difficult accessing other areas of the home. Many products, and that includes those which... >> read more

Ways to Make The Most Out of Your Garden Room

published on 20 September 2021 by moderngardenrooms.com
When you invest in a new build like a garden room, you really want to make the most of it in order to get your money’s worth. Most people choose just one function for their garden room but to really make the best use of it, how about considering a few ... >> read more

Ideal Logic 30 Combi Boiler Review

published on 20 September 2021 by newboilercosts.co.uk
At New Boiler Costs we love a bargain, and that’s exactly what the Ideal Logic Plus combi boiler is. It’s no secret either. The Logic is one of the most installed and well-known combi boilers in the UK. Easy to install, reliable, and with a great price... >> read more

Top 10 Interior Design Tips and Storage Ideas for Your Home

published on 20 September 2021 by whatstorage.co.uk
  So here you are, looking for interior design tips online or you’re finally putting those years of binging home remodeling TV shows to use. Maybe you’ve even looked for professional help, but the price tags on interior design proposal... >> read more

The Most Extraordinary Examples of English Gardening

published on 20 September 2021 by floralandhardy.co.uk
The British public enjoys many pastimes, including cold beer, fish and chips, trips to the seaside and admiring stunning gardens. Luckily, when it comes to English gardens, we’re spoilt for choice.  There are many examples of stunning outdoo... >> read more

Kitchen Remodeling Services In London

published on 20 September 2021 by rightbuildgroup.co.uk
The post Kitchen Remodeling Services In London appeared first on Right Build Group. ... >> read more

Do You Have a Waste Pipe Leaking Outside? How to Repair a Leaking Waste Pipe

published on 20 September 2021 by coastaldrains.co.uk
If you have a soil pipe or waste pipe leaking on your property, it can remain a relatively minor event if it is discovered quickly enough. However, it can also be a significant cause of water damage depending on where the leak appears, and how long it ... >> read more

Decina nuove possibilità per la tua azienda online con le virtual data room provider

published on 20 September 2021 by londonroofingspecialist.co.uk
Le data room digitale sono una soluzione vittoria cloud storage avanzata ed innovativa. È apparso sul mercato mondiale non assai tempo fa, ma ha già conquistato la affidamento delle principali aziende internazionali. Lo sviluppo è stato convalidato da ... >> read more

Sophie Conran Serving Fork

published on 17 September 2021 by thechinashop.co.uk
Sophie Conran’s homeware, made for the Staffordshire-based brand Portmeirion, is a popular range of kitchen essentials and glassware. Each piece is lovingly crafted with one of Sophie Conran’s signature designs, which elevate them from eleg... >> read more

Sophie Conran Serving Fork

published on 17 September 2021 by thechinashop.co.uk
Sophie Conran’s homeware, made for the Staffordshire-based brand Portmeirion, is a popular range of kitchen essentials and glassware. Each piece is lovingly crafted with one of Sophie Conran’s signature designs, which elevate them from eleg... >> read more

How to Grow Tender and Aromatic Garlic Chives

published on 17 September 2021 by diygarden.co.uk
… How to Grow Tender and Aromatic Garlic Chives Read More »... >> read more

Box Cushion Foam Cut to Size

published on 17 September 2021 by gbfoamdirect.co.uk
Box cushions are one of the most common and simple types of cushions to make. At GB Foam Direct, we supply custom cut box cushion foam on a daily basis. These are used for the likes of window seats, benches, pet beds, storage seating, upholstered furni... >> read more

Recycle Week 2021: Step It Up!

published on 17 September 2021 by jobearnshaw.co.uk
Join a nationwide celebration of recycling from September 20th - 26th! The post Recycle Week 2021: Step It Up! appeared first on Earnshaws. ... >> read more

Planting Bulbs in Grass – Plan Ahead for Spring

published on 17 September 2021 by blueworldgardener.co.uk
Spruce up your lawn next spring with some short lived flowers... >> read more

Magnet Kitchens Case Studies

published on 16 September 2021 by gdholland.co.uk
Case study photography of Magnet Kitchens The post Magnet Kitchens Case Studies first appeared on London Based Architectural & Interior Photography Specialist.... >> read more

Which Do You Need Most – Whole House Humidifier Or Whole House Dehumidifier?

published on 16 September 2021 by huskyair.com
You probably already know you have a problem with your indoor humidity. Either the air is unpleasantly dry and full of static, or it’s muggy and damp. A humidifier or dehumidifier can help. The post Which Do You Need Most – Whole House Humidifier... >> read more

5 reasons not to break into your own car

published on 16 September 2021 by keys-4-cars.com
Article summary: It’s not as easy as you think You’ll probably damage your car Your insurance company won’t be happy You can easily injure yourself You might get your collar felt! If the title of this article has you perplexed as to w... >> read more

Black Neroingo Fenix NTM kitchen

published on 16 September 2021 by jsdeco.co.uk
Today we would like to present a case study of the kitchen project which we have manufactured and installed for one of our commercial customers. Citu is a property developer located in Leeds West Yorkshire providing unique environment-friendly houses. ... >> read more

How to Maintain your Fire Sprinkler System

published on 16 September 2021 by radfiresprinklers.com
Having an optimally working automatic sprinkler system installed in your property is essential for saving lives and keeping fire damage to a minimum. Like most systems and appliances, it will need regular maintenance in order to keep functioning at its... >> read more

The different types of Chainsaws

published on 16 September 2021 by bestsaw.uk
The post The different types of Chainsaws appeared first on Best Saw Reviews: Chainsaws, Mitre, Plunge, Circular and Table Saws. ... >> read more

DIY Car Turntables

published on 15 September 2021 by carturntables.co.uk
Whether you are a builder, tradesperson, or homeowner, at SPIN-IT Car Turntables, we can supply a range of turntable solutions for vehicles and product presentation. We have over thirty years… View Post The post DIY Car Turntables appeared first ... >> read more

7 Reasons You Might Need To Hire A Cherry Picker

published on 15 September 2021 by mcpropertymaintenance.co.uk
While they may have originally been designed to pick fruit throughout orchards, cherry pickers can offer a wide variety of alternative uses. From carrying out utility work to dealing with a range of home maintenance issues, cherry pickers are a far mor... >> read more

How Much Does Storage Cost Monthly in the UK?

published on 15 September 2021 by happy2movelondon.co.uk
Moving and finding storage can be a stressful time – and not to mention a pricey one. And with so many storage options available, it can be difficult to work out the best price for the size of storage unit […] The post How Much Does Storage... >> read more

Pest Control for Retail Premises

published on 15 September 2021 by pestexterminatorsessex.co.uk
Does your retail business need pest control? It’s not something that non-food related retail businesses often think about. This is […] The post <span class="light">Pest</span> Control for Retail Premises appeared first on Pe... >> read more

Popular Sliding Door Styles In The UK

published on 15 September 2021 by arkaywindows.com
Here at Arkay Windows, we offer our valued customers a wide variety of sliding doors. Our range consists of SCHÜCO’s ASE 60, ASS 50, InfiniGLIDE 3 and 6, EdgeGLIDE, ALUK’s BSC94 and uPVC patio doors. Sliding doors have continued to be a hallmark in mod... >> read more

7 DIY Projects for the Weekend

published on 15 September 2021 by essexwasteremoval.co.uk
Whatever the weather, a free weekend is the perfect time to tackle some of those tasks around the house that you might have been putting off. Below are some easy DIY projects that you can get finished over the weekend. Remember that preparation is key,... >> read more

A Guide to Moving Offices: What You’ll Need and Where to Start

published on 15 September 2021 by spaces-and-places.co.uk
Moving offices can be a daunting task, but there are many ways to make the process easier. This article will go over some tips and tricks for moving your business to a new location. We’ll discuss what you need to get started, efficient packing, s... >> read more

What Is Hot Water Extraction?

published on 15 September 2021 by no1carpetcleaningmelbourne.com.au
NO1 Carpet Cleaning Melbourne What Is Hot Water Extraction? Understanding Hot Water Extraction Hot water extraction is a carpet cleaning method. In this method, hot water is mixed with cleaning detergents using a hot water extraction machine. When the ... >> read more

The Green Pages: Top 10 Things to Do in Ross-on-Wye

published on 15 September 2021 by beyondstorage.co.uk
Situated on a red sandstone cliff above the River Wye and on the northern border of the Forest of Dean, […] The post The Green Pages: Top 10 Things to Do in Ross-on-Wye appeared first on Beyond Storage. ... >> read more

Protecting Your Property From Rats

published on 15 September 2021 by diamondpestcontrol.co.uk
Protecting your property from rats is highly important. Unless you’ve actually experienced these pests, you probably have no idea how damaging they are capable of The post Protecting Your Property From Rats appeared first on Diamond Pest Control. ... >> read more

Looking after your car this autumn

published on 14 September 2021 by edentyres.com
Looking after your car this autumn The colder days and darker nights are quickly approaching, which means Autumn is on its’ way. This is a time when we have to start thinking about how we can help our cars continue to keep us safe in the colder w... >> read more

Case Study & Video – Creating A Display Stand For BASF

published on 14 September 2021 by envoprint.co.uk
A display stand or FSDU should really stand out and make a difference in a retail shop, hardware shop, tool store or trade counter area. Make it easy for folks to buy and ensure that the ultimate impact is made for your branded goods – all with high de... >> read more

Loft Conversion or Kitchen Extension?

published on 13 September 2021 by simplyloft.co.uk
When it comes to your home, no matter how much you may love the space you have, there is always a chance you will want to have more of it. You can choose various options to transform your home; however, the two most popular choices have to be convertin... >> read more

Make a small room feel more spacious with these flooring tips

published on 13 September 2021 by carpetdesignandflooring.co.uk
While small rooms can feel cosy and inviting, sometimes you will want to create the illusion of more space. Flooring is a simple way to do this and can make more of a difference than you might think. Here are … Continue reading → The post M... >> read more

Adek – The First Non-Combustible Decking System In The UK Made From 100% Recycled Aluminium

published on 13 September 2021 by ecodek.co.uk
The post Adek – The First Non-Combustible Decking System In The UK Made From 100% Recycled Aluminium appeared first on Ecodek. ... >> read more

When is Drain Lining Needed?

published on 13 September 2021 by drain247.co.uk
One of the great luxuries of life today is that we can have a bath, take a shower, flush a toilet, or turn on a tap without ever having to worry about where the water is coming from, or where it is going. It is only when the water doesn’t run away, or ... >> read more

What are the Best Floor Plans for an Extension?

published on 13 September 2021 by simplyextend.co.uk
When it comes to planning an extension to your home, one place that you are going to have to start is by thinking about floor plans. The idea of a floor plan is that it helps you make sure that you know what you want to do with the space and it’s... >> read more

What is the difference between a pergola and a veranda?

published on 13 September 2021 by stormclad.co.uk
There are many kinds of outdoor structures that offer shade and protection from the elements so that you can enjoy your garden come rain or shine. A lot of these […] The post What is the difference between a pergola and a veranda? appeared first ... >> read more

A Guide to Designing a Creative Kitchen

published on 13 September 2021 by tomfaulkner.co.uk
The post A Guide to Designing a Creative Kitchen appeared first on Tom Faulkner. ... >> read more

Quartz vs Granite – How to Choose the Perfect Countertop

published on 12 September 2021 by modernkitchenva.com
Quartz vs Granite – How to choose the perfect countertop? When you consider countertop materials, it is very crucial to think not just about the look but also about the maintenance and durability, which shall suit your lifestyle the best way. Qua... >> read more

Steinway Model O Grand, Recently Refubished

published on 12 September 2021 by richardlawsonpianos.com
5 Year Guarantee Delivery from £90 to ground floor  No quibble return policy 0% finance available subject to terms and acceptance The post Steinway Model O Grand, Recently Refubished appeared first on Richard Lawson Pianos. ... >> read more

Rubbish Removal Checklist

published on 12 September 2021 by andrews-waste.co.uk
Having a plan before you start with your rubbish removal service is probably vital and the best way to go if you want to be in control of your clearance. Rubbish clearance frequently results in having a large amount of rubbish removal and rubbish dispo... >> read more

The 9 Main Types of Nail Guns and Their Uses

published on 12 September 2021 by craftsmanprotools.com
Craftsman Pro Tools The 9 Main Types of Nail Guns and Their Uses A nail gun or nailer is not actually a real gun for hunting, but for driving nails into wood. For … The 9 Main Types of Nail Guns and Their Uses Read More » The post The 9 Main T... >> read more

Showroom & Warehouse Closure

published on 11 September 2021 by oakfloorsonline.com
Due to staffing issues regarding the Covid pandemic, we will be closed until Tuesday 21st September 2021. We will be accepting orders via our website, along with sample requests. But these will be processed on our return on the Tuesday. Our telephone s... >> read more

Kitchen Trends to Look for in 2022

published on 10 September 2021 by pfeifferdesign.co.uk
Looking ahead to the hottest trends in Kitchen design for 2022 The post Kitchen Trends to Look for in 2022 appeared first on Pfeiffer Design. ... >> read more

How Do I Open and Close My Slats?

published on 10 September 2021 by shutterlyfabulous.com
When it comes to window dressings, nothing gives you quite as much control as window shutters. Their movable slats (or louvers) mean that you can control exactly how much light comes into your home. And not only this – they’re fantastic for privacy, to... >> read more

Private Schools in the Marbella area

published on 10 September 2021 by promasbuilding.com
Choosing the right school can be a daunting task. ProMas have put together a location based list to help orientate you to the private school options around Marbella. The post Private Schools in the Marbella area appeared first on Promas Building. ... >> read more

Gas Safety 101 – Everything You Need to Know About Gas Safety in Your Home

published on 10 September 2021 by sgsgas.co.uk
This week is Gas Safety Week, so we thought it would be the perfect time to give a full run-down on all things gas safety; from Gas Safety Checks to what you should do if you suspect a gas leak in your home.   What Is Gas Safety?   Gas safety... >> read more

How to Keep Your Lawn Recycling Bin Free This Autumn 

published on 10 September 2021 by wheeliebinstorage.co.uk
If you’ve spent the summer getting your lawn into good shape, you’ll want to keep it that way. However, with the autumn comes blustery winds that will blow your recycling onto your garden. Want to keep your lawn recycling free this autumn? Invest in so... >> read more

Benefits of Industrial Partitioning

published on 10 September 2021 by central-storage.com
Partitioning For Industrial Spaces The thing about many industrial spaces is that they are generally not built to meet the specific needs of one company.  The majority of these buildings are constructed with the simple aim of creating a large workspace... >> read more

10 signs my front door needs replacing

published on 10 September 2021 by sehbac.com
Without realising it, we become quite attached to our front doors. After all, they’re what greet us every time we come home. As such, it can be hard to accept […] The post 10 signs my front door needs replacing appeared first on SEH BAC. ... >> read more


published on 10 September 2021 by cotaplan.co.uk
Cotaplan completed a 2-story modular welfare block in King’s Lynn earlier this summer. The project presented numerous problems from the outset due to its locality.  Being situated on a floodplain and made up ground – the foundations were designed to di... >> read more

Common Myths and Facts Surrounding Radon

published on 10 September 2021 by properteco.co.uk
Radon gas is an occurrence in homes that cannot be ignored – but like many things, with more and more people becoming aware of radon gas it has given rise to a number of urban myths and misconceptions that can mislead people. Here, we hope to expose so... >> read more

Converted shipping containers by Gap

published on 10 September 2021 by gapcontainers.co.uk
We don’t just sell shipping containers here at Gap. We can repurpose them too. In fact, we’re regarded as a UK leading specialist for shipping container conversions. Our in-house team can design, manufacture and install bespoke structures to pretty muc... >> read more

My Lawn Care Diary : Autumn 2021

published on 10 September 2021 by relentlessgardener.co.uk
I love getting out in the garden during the cooler, fresher months. Autumn is now upon us so we need to plan some jobs for our lawn to survive and thrive.  Not all are mandatory but a little bit of something goes a long way as we move into the coo... >> read more

Free Mirror Doors Fully Fitted In Time For Christmas.

published on 10 September 2021 by mirrordoorsdirect.co.uk
We are giving away a set of Free Mirror Doors worth £700 We’re looking for somewhere to film a professional video shoot of our sliding mirror door installation, if you can provide the location, we’ll provide the free mirror doors. We’ll even fit them f... >> read more

Withdrawing Your Pension Early

published on 10 September 2021 by springmove.co.uk
We recently looked at the idea of retiring early and, with that, examined the different elements involved in withdrawing your pension. The basic theme of withdrawing a pension is that you need to meet certain criteria, specifically reach certain ages; ... >> read more

Earthworks on Road Construction: Understanding the Importance

published on 9 September 2021 by jordanssurfacing.co.uk
Construction work on roads is not just about digging up the ground and laying down new layers of asphalt. There are many other factors that go into the construction process, including earthwork. Earthworks can be broken up into two main categories: exc... >> read more

Where to Discover Tree Specimens in Norfolk

published on 9 September 2021 by drstump.co.uk
Here in Norfolk we have a number of different types of tree specimens that areContinue Reading The post Where to Discover Tree Specimens in Norfolk appeared first on Dr Stump. ... >> read more

Defect Inspection – London

published on 9 September 2021 by timgreenwood-associates.co.uk
A Property Management Client required advice on a defect in a property in Southwick Place London. Our Client managed a prestigious residential 4 storey terrace building in central London. The building included a basement, ground, first and second floor... >> read more

Removals Milton Keynes

published on 9 September 2021 by arkrelocation.com
Helping Individuals, Families and Businesses to move throughout Milton Keynes Totally reliable, honest, professional and knowledgeable We at ARK are the relocation experts. Whether you are moving a short distance or a long one, and whether you are... >> read more

We’re Hiring! – General Yard Operative Job Vacancy

published on 9 September 2021 by acebreakers.co.uk
We’re a busy scrap yard based in Swanscombe, Kent and are looking for an enthusiastic individual to join our team. Your day-to-day duties will cover various aspects of dismantling vehicles and the ideal candidate should be hardworking, reliable a... >> read more

6 Signs You’re Dealing with a Sewer Root Intrusion

published on 9 September 2021 by plumbingsolved.com
Trees are a lovely feature on any property that you probably feel blessed to have. That is unless they have started interfering with your sewers. In their search for water and nutrients, both young and mature trees can seek out your sewer line and begi... >> read more

What is a smart electric radiator?

published on 9 September 2021 by intelligentheat.co.uk
What do real smart electric radiator do for your home? As the proud new owner of Smart Electric Radiators from IntelliHeat, and a Smart Electric Towel Heater, I decided to test them both, to find out exactly HOW SMART they really are. Can the claims... >> read more

Dog Remembrance Month 2021

published on 9 September 2021 by barkingmad.uk.com
Dog Remembrance Month 2021 Dog owners who have sadly experienced dog loss will understand how emotional and heartbreaking it can be. So, in 2017, Barking Mad founded Dog Remembrance Month, a platform for like-minded dog owners who are suffering from gr... >> read more

Kiln Dried Beech Logs Half Crate

published on 9 September 2021 by timports.co.uk
Large Half Crate 1.2m Crate Of Premium Kiln Dried Beech Logs This crate contain the highest quality kiln dried beech logs. It is designed for the high end stove market. This crate is 27% bigger in volume that so called "half crates" sold by our competi... >> read more

How To Maintain A Felt Roof: All You Need to Know

published on 8 September 2021 by multiformroofing.co.uk
A felt roof is a great way to protect your home from the elements. The material offers excellent insulation and can be installed on buildings of all shapes and sizes. In this blog post, we will cover how to maintain a felt roof so that you can enjoy it... >> read more

Balustrades and handrails – boosting safety in schools

published on 8 September 2021 by square-1balustrades.co.uk
According to the Health and Safety Executive, 55% of all accidents in educational settings are caused by a slip or a trip. Unsurprising then, that falls are one of the biggest safety concerns for schools. Naturally busy environments, staff and students... >> read more

Balustrades and handrails – boosting safety in schools

published on 8 September 2021 by square-1balustrades.co.uk
According to the Health and Safety Executive, 55% of all accidents in educational settings are caused by a slip or a trip. Unsurprising then, that falls are one of the biggest safety concerns for schools. Naturally busy environments, staff and students... >> read more

Double Glazing Newbury

published on 8 September 2021 by abbeywindows.co.uk
High Quality Double Glazing in Newbury Our range of amazing double glazing in Newbury will give your home a stunning finish. The double glazed windows we offer are exceptional, providing high quality combined with cost effective... The post Double Glaz... >> read more

Keep Your Business Clean With Concept Hygiene Washroom Hygiene Services

published on 8 September 2021 by concept-hygiene.co.uk
Clean Your Business With Concept Hygiene Washroom Hygiene Services The average toilet seat has 295 bacteria per square inch. Before you start to squirm, consider this: The average tap contains 6,267 bacteria per square inch. That means there are over 2... >> read more

What Kind of Access Control is Right for Your Business?

published on 7 September 2021 by cladservices.com
Access control may seem simple. You give people who need access the ability to get into the building, and that’s it, right? Businesses, their staff, and access needs are always changing. Deciding who gets to grant and give access and to what is very im... >> read more

Pool Inspection When Buying a Home

published on 7 September 2021 by hohne.com
A swimming pool is a valuable asset if you are in the market for a new home. Purchasing a house with a swimming pool gives you an excellent opportunity to spend time with friends and family members throughout the summer. However, it's essential to sch... >> read more

Eye-catching, shaped shutter solution for raked windows in High Wycombe

published on 7 September 2021 by thewindowshuttercompany.co.uk
Initial contact was made through our website, our prospective client was looking for a window shutter solution for their large, shaped gable end window for their home in High Wycombe. Once we had established from the customer’s photos that shutters wer... >> read more

Fastest Growing Indoor Plants

published on 7 September 2021 by indoor-plants.co.uk
Our fastest growing indoor plants Thinking of buying some indoor plants and want to know which ones are the fastest growing? Here they are. Ficus Pumila This magnificent woody evergreen vine known as the Ficus Pumila is a creeping or climbing plant f... >> read more

Most common health risks of asbestos

published on 7 September 2021 by crucial-enviro.co.uk
Asbestos is a naturally-occurring substance that was used for a number of years as a building material due to its range of useful properties. Unfortunately, asbestos can also be dangerous, and it is best to avoid it if at all possible. People who come ... >> read more

7 Signs You Need to Call a Tree Surgeon

published on 6 September 2021 by graftingardeners.co.uk
7 Signs You Need to Call a Tree Surgeon!   What if it was already too late for your favourite tree? A good tree surgeon can help you take care of your trees and make sure that your garden looks amazing. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not know t... >> read more

Tiles vs Laminate Flooring

published on 6 September 2021 by tiling-courses.co.uk
We’re lucky that we have so many flooring options, but kitchens and bathrooms require special attention. A carpet isn’t going to work in either of these rooms because they’re high traffic areas susceptible to water damage.  The primary flooring types f... >> read more

Driving tips for the autumn

published on 6 September 2021 by psdvehiclerental.co.uk
The kids are back to school, the leaves are starting to change colour. Suddenly, there’s a chill in the air. It’s official, autumn is on its way – bringing a host of new challenges for drivers. From frosty mornings and low sun to dark nights and slippe... >> read more

8 things to consider before building a House Extension

published on 5 September 2021 by kpdconstruction.co.uk
House extensions are always challenging, yet the rewards of a successful extension always outweigh its drawbacks. Unlike a brand new house build, with an extension, you are never starting with a blank page, which means you will have many additional fac... >> read more

Your Guide to Selling a House with a Mortgage

published on 5 September 2021 by housebuyerbureau.co.uk
Plenty of people sell up and move on before they’ve paid off their mortgage. Unless you’re lucky enough to own your house outright or you choose to stay in your first home for life, selling a house with a mortgage will be something you have to manage a... >> read more

Why You Should Hire Professional Decorators

published on 3 September 2021 by shirleyindustrialpainters.co.uk
When the time comes for you to revamp and decorate your office or workplace, you may be trying to decide whether it is best to hire professional decorators for the… Continue reading Why You Should Hire Professional Decorators The post Why You Sho... >> read more

5 questions answered about statutory lease extensions

published on 3 September 2021 by ablesurveyors.com
Do you own a leasehold property, typically a flat or maisonette? The number of years left to run on the lease are a key component of the property’s market value, and there may come a time when a lease extension would make sense. So, what can you do? Ma... >> read more

Tips on changing the battery on your car key

published on 3 September 2021 by keyworx.co.uk
When your key fob stops opening your car doors when you press the button on the key, it could mean the fob is broken or the battery has run flat. Follow our tips on how to find out which is the case and if the battery is flat on your car key, how to re... >> read more

Tips for staying secure on holiday

published on 3 September 2021 by locksmithinleicester.co.uk
With many people planning a holiday now that COVID restrictions have lifted, it is important to consider security when you go away – follow our tips to ensure you and your belongings stay safe. With social distancing restrictions having ended in July i... >> read more

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