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Reasons Homebuyers Now Prioritize Outdoor Spaces

submitted on 22 March 2024
Homebuyer preference in the real estate market keeps changing for various reasons. For instance, spacious kitchens and bathrooms were initially key priorities for most buyers. However, over time, there’s a significant change in preferences, with most prioritising outdoor spaces when looking for homes to buy.

The change in preference shows that buyers have embraced the importance and impact of outdoor spaces on their health and quality of life. Below are a few reasons homeowners now rank outdoor spaces better.

Influence of the Pandemic

The preceding pandemic greatly influenced homeowners' perception of outdoor spaces. With social distancing rules and other guidelines limiting personal interactions, outdoor spaces became a safer alternative for homeowners. It was the only space they could interact and socialise with friends and family without breaking these guidelines.

The pandemic also increased the adoption of remote working and learning models. Remote working and virtual learning became a way of life, and outdoor spaces provided a conducive environment for learners and employees. The same applies to fitness and recreation centres. Indoor gyms were also mostly closed and operated at limited capacities. This made outdoor spaces a popular venue for exercising.

Generally, the pandemic made homeowners realise the importance of having versatile homes that can adapt to unexpected circumstances. As a result, most properties currently on the market have well-designed outdoor spaces, and potential homebuyers, including cash buyers like Coastline Homebuyers Norfolk, opt for such properties. They provide assurance of flexibility in case of future pandemics.

Health and Well-Being

The changing perception towards individual health and well-being is another reason behind these changing priorities. Outdoor spaces improve homeowners’ health in the following ways:
  • Providing enough space for physical activities: Homeowners can use their outdoor spaces to jog, garden, and play other sports, aligning with their healthy lifestyle.
  • Access to fresh air and sunlight: This boosts respiratory health and overall well-being.
  • Connection with nature: Outdoor spaces allow homeowners to connect with nature. They get to observe the outdoors and appreciate the beauty of the surrounding environment.
Outdoor spaces provide many other unlimited therapeutic benefits. For instance, gardening reduces stress and improves your mood. This explains why health-conscious homebuyers prioritise properties with outdoor spaces.

Property Value

Outdoor spaces also have a significant impact on overall property value. Having an outdoor space contributes to an increased property value in many ways. For starters, it makes the property desirable through improved curb appeal. Well-maintained outdoor areas improve the property’s first impression.

That aside, outdoor areas perfectly extend the property’s usable living space. This provides an additional area for relaxation and recreation. Installing other outdoor features like a patio, deck, or outdoor kitchen also appeals to potential buyers. Similarly, making improvements to your outdoor spaces also increases property value. Landscaping and hardscaping projects have high ROI.


The preferences of homebuyers keep changing owing to changing lifestyles, environmental consciousness, and other factors. While interior design features have always dominated most buyers’ concerns, there’s a significant shift towards outdoor spaces for the reasons mentioned above.


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