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Home Security: The Importance of Protection Against Animal Intruders

submitted on 1 May 2023 by homeandgardenlistings.co.uk
Home Security: The Importance of Protection Against Animal Intruders As homeowners, we often focus on securing our homes from the human intruders. However, we often forget about the furry, four-legged creatures that can also wreak havoc on our homes. Animal intruders can cause serious damage to our property and pose a threat to our safety. In this article, we will discuss the importance of protecting our homes from animal intruders and provide tips on how to do it.

The Threat of Animal Intruders

Animal intruders can range from small rodents to large predators, and they can cause significant damage to our homes. These animals can chew through electrical wires and insulation, damage plumbing, and destroy furniture. They can also carry diseases and attract other pests, such as fleas and ticks. Some animal intruders, like raccoons and skunks, can be aggressive and pose a threat to our safety.

How to Protect Your Home from Animal Intruders

Here are some tips on how to protect your home from animal intruders:

Secure Your Trash

One of the easiest ways to attract animal intruders to your home is by leaving your trash cans open or unsecured. Make sure your trash cans have lids that fit securely and use bungee cords or other fasteners to keep them closed. You should also avoid leaving your trash cans out overnight.

Seal Entry Points

Animal intruders can enter your home through even the smallest opening. Inspect your home for any potential entry points and seal them accordingly. Use caulk to seal gaps around doors and windows, and install mesh screens over vents and chimneys.

Use Animal-Resistant Bins

If you live in an area with a high population of animal intruders, consider using animal-resistant bins for your trash and recycling. These bins are designed to be difficult for animals to open or tip over.

Remove Food Sources

Animal intruders will be less likely to hang around your home if there are no food sources available. Don't leave pet food outside, and keep your bird feeders away from your house. You should also clean up any fallen fruit from your trees and avoid leaving food out on your patio or deck.

Install Motion-Activated Lights

Install motion-activated lights around the exterior of your home to deter animal intruders. These lights will turn on when they detect movement, scaring away any potential intruders.

Get Rid of Standing Water

Standing water can attract mosquitoes and other pests, which can in turn attract animal intruders. Make sure your gutters are clear and your downspouts are directed away from your home. You should also avoid leaving buckets or other containers outside that can collect water.

Call a Professional

If you have a persistent problem with animal intruders, it may be time to call in a professional. A pest control expert can help you identify the source of the problem and come up with a plan to eliminate it.

The Significance of Protecting Your Home from Animal Intruders

Protecting your home from animal intruders is important for several reasons. First and foremost, it can help prevent damage to your property. Animal intruders can chew through wires and insulation, causing costly repairs. They can also damage plumbing and destroy furniture. By taking steps to keep animal intruders out of your home, you can avoid these expenses.

In addition to property damage, animal intruders can pose a threat to your safety. Some animals, like raccoons and skunks, can be aggressive and carry diseases. They can also attract other pests, like fleas and ticks, which can spread disease to humans and pets.

Finally, protecting your home from animal intruders can also help protect the environment. When animals become accustomed to human food sources, they may lose their ability to forage for natural sources of food. This can disrupt the ecosystem and have negative effects on other wildlife.


Protecting your home from animal intruders is an important aspect of home security that is often overlooked. By securing your trash, sealing entry points, and removing potential food sources, you can help prevent property damage and protect your safety. If you have a persistent problem with animal intruders, consider calling in a professional. Remember, taking steps to protect your home from animal intruders not only benefits you, but also the environment.


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