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Five Telltale Red Flags Your Home Office Needs a Power Upgrade

submitted on 13 September 2022 by 247electric.co.uk
Five Telltale Red Flags Your Home Office Needs a Power Upgrade Over the previous two years, we have all been used to spending a great deal of time at home. You've presumably begun doing remote work sometime throughout this window. With an increasing number of businesses permitting remote work on a permanent basis, you may be thinking of setting up shop in the comfort of your own home. However, before establishing a home office, it is recommended that you get the electrical system of your house evaluated. Make sure your house is ready for your new electrical equipment with an inspection from a licensed electrician (i.e computers, speakers, etc.). So that you and maybe your family can work from home without fear of electrical fires, it may be time to get some upgrades made.

Here are five indications that the wiring in your home office might want an upgrade.

1. You Live in an Older Building
The last time you had the electrical system updated is something to consider if your property is older. Like any other system, electrical infrastructure requires maintenance and, eventually, replacement. Especially if you're a heavy power user in the office. After a number of years, regular usage may need an upgrade to the electrical system. If your electrical system is outdated, you might be wasting money and energy and dealing with frequent repairs.

2.Voltage Sources
If you see sparking while plugging or unplugging devices, you may have a serious problem. Sparking is caused by a sudden drop in voltage and is not dangerous in and of itself. It might be a sign of a larger problem, though, if it occurs often. As an example, electrical fires may result from a buildup of heat in the outlets. Get a pro out to do a safety check as soon as possible if you're having this issue.

3. You Can Smell Burning
Although it may go without saying, nobody wants to spend their day surrounded by the stench of smoke (or ever in your home). The aroma of burning is usually either smoky or ozone-heavy. Both are alarm bells, but they point to distinct issues. A smoke odor may indicate that something is being burnt, such as baseboards, walls, or furniture. A whiff of ozone suggests that the wires themselves have been scorched. Both of these scenarios pose serious risks, and one extreme case is the possibility of an electrical fire.

4. Flickering Lights
Lights that flicker signal a more significant issue than just a simple electrical problem. They're not just disruptive, but they may also be downright irritating. Lighting that flickers may just need a new bulb. If many lights are flickering, though, there may be a more serious problem. A malfunctioning power supply, loose cables, or an overworked plug might all be the cause. If you want to keep your family and your investment in your house secure, it's in your best interest to get this rectified as soon as possible.

5. Your Action Has Caused a Circuit Breaker to Trip
The breaker box should be upgraded or another one installed if it is often tripped. In addition to being unsafe, overloading your breaker box will cause it to trip often. Overloading or shorting the breaker might cause it to trip. When this occurs, resetting the circuit breaker is not sufficient. A licensed electrician should inspect the situation and provide you advice on how to proceed.

These are some of the major red flags to look out for. If in doubt, you can always get your home office checked out by an electrician anyway.


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