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Does a Kitchen Remodelling Take Forever?

submitted on 2 July 2020 by
The kitchen is the heart of the house, aside from the living rooms and bedrooms. It is where you usually do most of your daily activities such as preparing meals, cooking and even washing. As time goes by, all of that smoke, grease and dirt will accumulate all over your beautiful kitchen walls, giving it an old, dirty and unpleasant look. Walls begin to crack, cabinets and fixtures are slowly breaking down, and even your countertops are beginning to lose their form. When your efforts to bring back the clean and fresh look of your kitchen seem lost, there is still one solution left – having your kitchen remodelled.

If you’re going to have your kitchen remodelled, it is best to consider how long the project will take. This will help you get over the anxiety or conquer the unbearable wait because you have a definitive schedule by when the remodelling project will be finished. This will also help you to create a plan and manage the timeliness of the project. Here are some tips to know how long your kitchen remodelling project will take.

Demolition of the kitchen
If you’ll be undergoing a complete remodelling project, then the first thing that your contractors will do is to demolish your kitchen. This will allow them to start from scratch and make those changes that you want. The demolition process usually takes a couple of days to finish.

Mapping out electrical wirings
The next step is the mapping out the path of the kitchen’s electrical wiring. This is usually carried out by the assigned electrician for the job. Marking certain areas where the wires will be placed ensures your home’s safety and yours as well, by avoiding any house fires due to faulty wiring. This will only take up two to three days, depending on the size of your kitchen.

Installation of fixtures
Now that you have your wiring all placed, you can now add in the fixtures that you want. It is highly recommended that you start with window installations. Try to include window openers or manual window controls to give your windows an upgrade. Fixture installations usually take up a week or so, depending on how many fixtures you want to place into your kitchen.

Placing cabinets
This may be your favourite part of the project since you get to design it according to your preferences. You can now ask your contractor to place the cabinets of your choice in your kitchen. Make sure to put the cabinets according to the plan that you made in the first place. All the cabinets must fit snugly and securely in their respective places, without disturbing the layout of the kitchen. This process isn’t an easy task. It will usually take up to 10 days tops since your cabinets will be installed piece by piece.

These are the most time-consuming tasks that you will encounter during your kitchen remodelling project. You now have an idea on what the processes are, so you can break down the schedule to anticipate the accomplishment of the project.
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