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Always Hire a Professional To Install Your Digital TV Aerial

submitted on 20 April 2020 by aerialforce.co.uk

My neighbour (Geoff) is a whiz at DIY - to the extent that I've often hired him to do jobs around my own house. I admire his "can do" spirit, and he's learnt many skills along the way. However, there is a saying...and I'm afraid sometimes it applies to my earnest neighbour: jack of all trades, master of none. For much of the time, he knows he's not an expert in any given discipline, and he usually knows where to draw the line...but not always.

Take one example: digital TV aerial installation. My neighbour did what he would call his "due diligance" (i.e. watched some YouTube videos). "How difficult can it be?" is his catch phrase.

It turned out - it could be rather difficult indeed.

He missed one key tool in the toolbox - the device that measures strength of signal so you can determine where best to put the aerial in the first place. This device can be used right next to the aerial, so you can accurately determine the best position that way. Securing the aerial is a big job in itself, so getting the position wrong can add significant time to the job. And it did. Geoff had to blindly guess as to the best position (merely looking at OTHER neighbour's aerials positions). The problem he had was that he felt he had to try a wildly different position on the roof from the previous attempts to finally hit the elusive jackpot of finding the best aerial position. He appeared to wire everything up OK, but missed the key device that would determine the best position of the aerial.

In the end, he gave up, and we watched the FA cup final down at the local, and he hired a professional to install the aerial. He regaled the installer about his many attempts - I'm sure the installer found it quite humourous.

My advice is to always hire a professional with these kinds of jobs. I already have a list of things I want to learn in life, and installing digital TV aerials isn't one of them!


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