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7 Facts You Need To Know About Roller Garage Doors

submitted on 12 March 2024 by easterngaragedoors.co.uk
Roller garage doors can vary widely in quality, design, and use of components. Being aware of the differences is key to making the right choices. Eastern Garage Doors has compiled a list of the top things to look out for:

Green credentials

If you are looking for top-notch insulation, then other garage door types, for instance, sectional are better. Nonetheless, roller garage doors with double-skinned foam filled slats can provide good draught exclusion. The very best manufacturers apply robust ā?~green credentials' to the development of parts, using environmentally friendly materials to produce sustainable products. The use of 100% CFC-Free polyurethane insulation foam is an example of this.

Beware the cheapest

Cheapest isn't always best ā?" often it indicates inferior components. This can equate to false economy in the long-term, as moving parts will need replacing sooner than expected. The materials used can vary in quality and robustness. The use of aluminium is the go-to option for slats that make-up the curtain, for its corrosion free qualities, however, be cautious if it is wafer-thin as this can dent easily. As a measure of reliability, the typical lifespan of a good roller door is 15 to 25 years.

Create a weather shield

Keeping the weather at bay is a key reason for avoiding or replacing a leaking garage door. Roller doors can be 80% sealed, with the best designs providing brush seals to almost completely close around the lintel area. Also, check for brush seals in the side guides to protect against driving rain. Likewise, with better quality the better the stability of the curtain is in high wind. Small details like ā?~wind locks' within the running guides keep the door stable but also increase burglar protection. Flexible rubber seals at the bottom of the curtain provide a rigid barrier to water ingress even where garage thresholds are uneven.

Surface protection over time

Regular opening and closing can leave marks due to the intrinsic operation of a roller garage door. However, better models minimise these through innovative design of the rollers, belts, and side guides. Garage door surfaces are protected from small scratches caused by soiling in that there is reduced contact between the individual layers of the door curtain, and less chance of dirt touching the surface of the door. The very best roller doors have straps that run in between the two surfaces to stop wear and grit accumulating. When rolling up, several belts are placed between the individual layers of the door curtain, thus significantly reducing scratch marks caused by soiling.

Look for the best guarantees

As a minimum requirement, look for a 5 year+ guarantee on the motor drive. It will offer the highest quality, last longer, run quietly, and open and close in good time. Up to 10-year product warranties are available from high quality manufacturers. Inferior motors and lifting gear historically do give premature failures. So, be wary of guarantees which are not bonified. As previously mentioned, this can lead to false economy - Cheap parts cause hardware to fail, leading to call outs and exorbitant labour fees, and the installation of further low-quality products. Good practice would be to qualify what is covered in the guarantee with CE-marked brands.

Better Lifestyle Options

The basic function of a roller garage door is to open vertically and provide maximum space inside and in front of the garage. More of a surprise to people is the extra lifestyle functionality. For example, you can stream daylight into a garage with synthetic glazing or install grilles to improve ventilation. What's more, high-end manufactures, certify security. When controlling a door with radio systems, interference free encryption is available akin to what you would experience from online banking security. Better quality also equates to more convenience, with hand-held transmitters, or smart Apps enabling homeowners to open, close and lock from inside a car or home.

Don't accept an unsafe roller garage door.

Well-constructed roller garage doors are some of the safest and most secure. Options come with sensors to reliably stop the door in the event of an unexpected obstacle. They can also include emergency release pullies or crank handles operated from inside a garage, and for those garages without a second entrance, provide a secure release in a locked safety box on the outside. In addition, keyless designs make it difficult to break in with no discernible entry points or handles. Furthermore, anti-lift curtains and robust roller guides prevent the door from being prised open. Emergency electricity supplies are also an option and can bridge network power failures.

To summarise, not all roller garage doors are made equal. The cheapest single-skin designs are often flimsy with questionable structural integrity. Well-made designs last longer and need a lot less maintenance. The difference in lifespan between lowest cost and premium can be as much as 25 years.


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