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Water Tanks and Services has been providing a full array of water tank services since 1995. In that time, we have built up an impressive portfolio of high-profile clients, including schools, universities, local councils, factories and the NHS. We have amazing response times because all of our works are undertaken by our own engineers. This allows us to work faster and provide a better quality of service than most firms, who subcontract the actual work to other companies.

Water Tank Installation

We can install tanks of any size, from the largest Braithwaite tanks down to the smallest one-piece tanks. We can assemble tanks on site when there are access issues. We remove any existing tanks and connect the new tank to your existing pipework. After that, we carry out a full chlorination of the tank and the complete system. At every step, we follow the health and safety regulations to the letter.

Water Tank Refurbishment

It is often possible to repair a leaky tank this is much more cost effective than replacing it. We ensure that your tank is fully WRAS compliant when we are done. We use several refurbishment systems, such as the epoxy coating system and the inner lining system. They are both excellent methods and have their own benefits which make them better suited for certain types of work.

Water Tank Lining

When downtime must be minimised, the water tank lining is the best option. They are also useful in other circumstances where coating systems are not suitable. We have successfully carried out water tank lining in several different industries and applications. They are ideal for process water, cold water storage and fire protection. We use highly durable linings. In fact, some of our linings are still in service after 15 years. We can manufacture a lining to suit any size or shape of tank using our in-house facilities. The linings are produced without the use of solvents, to make sure they are safe and puncture resistant.

Epoxy Tank Coating

If the water tanks are large or if there are access restrictions, epoxy tank coating is the best option. It's also a necessary step to prevent further leaks after repairing a fiberglass tank. Epoxy coatings are suitable for potable water, cold water tanks, sprinkler systems, header tanks and even acid storage. We use coatings that do not contain solvents. We also provide a range of different colours and industrial coatings for any application.

Water Tank Lids

Water tank lids are an essential protection against contaminants, insects and animals. They are mandatory per the current cold water storage regulations. We manufacture these lids in-house to our own high specification designs. This means we can make lids and covers for any size or shape of tank, even if they have to be constructed in sections and assembled on-site. These lids are very strong, as we build them with a rigid polypropylene base. They have an encapsulated insulation layer, a foam seal, and steel fittings. They also have an access hatch and screened tank breather.

Water Tank Cleaning

In addition to water tank cleaning, we can perform an ROV inspection using a remote control underwater camera. This can help us spot problems that need fixing and areas that need cleaning. The advantage is that we don't have to drain the water from the system before examining the tank. We can clean tanks of any size, even underwater reservoirs. We use powerful industrial wet vacuums to handle debris and sediment. To minimise downtime, we make use of a large static pump and submersible pumps.

Water System Chlorination

Water system chlorination is an essential part of your clean water maintenance program and is mandatory after installing a new tank or carrying out extensive works. We use several different chlorination methods, as some are better suited than others in certain situations. Our engineers are fully trained and experienced in all the different methods we use, so they can help you to choose the right approach for your installation. After chlorinating your system, we will give you a certificate. We'll also take a water sample and forward you the results.

Overflow Screens

Keeping contaminants, small animals, and insects out of the water tank is essential for hygiene reasons. They can get into the system through the overflow. We provide screens that are designed to prevent them from entering without impeding the flow of water through the overflow. This is required by water bylaws. We can place the screens at either end of the overflow pipework.

UK (Sheffield) based business - established in 1995 - providing water tank related services. Website includes details of products and services provided, full contact details.
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