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Buying children's beds is easy in one sense, in that there is plenty of choice in terms of styles, materials and colours. It is a little more difficult when you are deciding exactly what type of bed to buy for your child because of the range of choices available.

You need to think carefully about what will suit both your child and the room the bed is going into. You will know what your child will enjoy, and will want to make sure that both bed and room suit their personality. After all, a child's room is a safe, comfortable place that acts both as a space for relaxing and sometimes as a little bolthole, no matter what age the child may be.

Children's beds are a part of the whole feel of a child's room, so you want to make sure that you buy the most appropriate one for your child. Remember that children have wonderful imaginations and consider how the right bed might offer all sorts of exciting possibilities for playing and pretending.

You might want to think about a captain's bed for your child, especially if the room is relatively small. These are, as the name suggests, beds whose design has been based on the needs that arose from the cramped spaces on board a ship. They do not take up a lot of space and have some neat hidden extras that come with them. The first is a set of drawers for additional storage so children can keep some of their toys and other possessions in them, off the floor and out of the way. This means that it may not be necessary to have another piece of furniture in the room, especially useful if the room is quite small. The other benefit is a pull out bed, ideal for when a child's friend comes for a sleepover or just as an additional bed if a guest comes to stay and there are no other beds available.

Another option for children's beds is a cabin bed, which looks rather like a bunk bed but is actually quite different. There are steps up to a top bunk bed for sleeping, but rather than having another bed below there is a space that allows the opportunity for all sorts of things. A piece of fabric hanging from the top bunk can make it into a child's secret place, perfect for playing or hiding and also a great place for storing larger toys. The space could be used to put in a small desk or table so that homework or other writing and drawing can be done in comfort, or perhaps a rod could be put up to have a wardrobe space for hanging up a few clothes.

A great space saver for children's beds is a bunk bed, especially popular for larger families who do not have as much room and floor space as they would like. Two children can easily be accommodated, one on the top bunk and one on the bottom, though you should be prepared for arguments as to who is going to go up the ladder and sleep at the top.


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