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How Much Does a Garden Marquee Cost in the UK?

When planning an event in the UK, a garden marquee can offer a versatile and elegant solution, providing a stunning backdrop for weddings, parties, or corporate events. The cost of hiring or purchasing a garden marquee varies widely depending on several factors, including the size of the marquee, the type of marquee, the duration of hire, and any additional features or services required. Here, we delve into the specifics to give you a clearer idea of what you can expect to budget for a garden marquee in the UK.

Marquee Hire vs. Purchase

Hire: Most people opt to hire a marquee for a one-off event. Hiring costs can range from £500 for a small, simple setup to over £15,000 for a large, luxury marquee equipped with all the trimmings (lighting, flooring, heating, etc.). The average cost for a medium-sized wedding or party marquee that can accommodate around 100 guests is typically between £1,500 and £3,000.Purchase: Buying a marquee is less common but can be cost-effective for venues or individuals who plan to use it repeatedly. The purchase price starts from around £2,000 for a basic model and can exceed £10,000 for high-end options.

Size and Type of Marquee

Size: The size of the marquee directly impacts the price. Small marquees (for up to 50 guests) may cost between £500 and £1,000 to hire, while larger marquees (for 200-300 guests) can easily reach £5,000 to £10,000 for the hire period.Type: Traditional pole marquees tend to be less expensive than modern, clear-span marquees. However, the latter offers more flexibility in terms of layout and can be erected on almost any surface, justifying the higher price tag.

Duration of Hire

The length of time you need the marquee for also affects the cost. While most prices are quoted for a single day or weekend, longer hire periods will naturally incur higher costs. Discounts may be available for extended hires.

Additional Features and Services

Adding extras such as luxury toilets, generators, furniture, heating, lighting, and flooring can significantly increase the overall cost. For example:Flooring and Carpeting: From £200 to £2,000, depending on the marquee's size and the quality of the materials.Lighting: Basic packages start at around £100, with more elaborate setups costing £500 or more.Heating: Necessary for cooler months, costing between £100 and £500 depending on the marquee size and chosen heating type.

Location and Season

Prices vary by region, with marquees typically costing more in the South East and less in the North of England. Seasonality affects pricing too summer months are peak season, and prices can be significantly higher compared to the off-peak season (late autumn to early spring).


The cost of a garden marquee in the UK depends on a multitude of factors, with prices ranging from a few hundred to several thousand pounds. To ensure you get the best value, it's important to consider your specific needs and budget carefully, request quotes from multiple suppliers, and book well in advance, especially for summer events.

A deeper dive into marqueehirelondon.co.uk

Common questions asked about marqueehirelondon.co.uk

1. What types of marquees do you offer for hire?

We offer a wide range of marquees for different occasions, including wedding marquees, party marquees, corporate marquees, and marquees for film and TV productions. Whether you're planning a small garden gathering or a large wedding celebration, we have the perfect marquee to fit your needs.

2. How experienced are you in providing marquee hire services?

With over 12 years of experience in the industry, we have been the creative force behind numerous successful events. Our team has a passion for creating outstanding gatherings and pays meticulous attention to detail to ensure that your event is truly impressive. You can trust our expertise to exceed your expectations and leave a lasting impact on everyone involved.

3. Can you customize the marquee to fit my vision?

Absolutely! We understand that every event is unique, and we strive to provide the perfect backdrop that fits your vision. Our team will work closely with you to understand your requirements and customize the marquee accordingly. Whether you have specific themes, colors, or layouts in mind, we will ensure that your marquee reflects your style and creates an unforgettable experience for your guests.

4. Do you provide furniture for hire along with the marquees?

Yes, we offer a range of furniture to hire along with our marquees. From tables and chairs to lighting and decor, we have everything you need to create a complete and comfortable setting for your event. Our furniture options are designed to complement the marquee and enhance the overall ambiance, ensuring that your guests are not only impressed but also have a memorable experience.

5. Do you provide marquee hire services outside of London?

While our primary focus is on providing marquee hire services in London, we have a sister company called Dynamic Marquees that caters to areas outside of London. If you need a marquee for an event outside of London, you can reach out to Dynamic Marquees for the same level of expertise and commitment to excellence that we offer.

Some reasons to choose marqueehirelondon.co.uk

Wide Range of Marquees for Different Occasions

The company offers a wide range of marquees for various occasions, including small garden gatherings, big wedding celebrations, and corporate events. This ensures that customers can find the perfect marquee that fits their specific needs and vision.

Over 12 Years of Experience

With over 12 years of experience in providing marquee hire services across London, the company has established itself as a trusted and reliable choice. This extensive experience allows them to deliver exceptional service and create successful events.

Meticulous Attention to Detail

The company's passion for creating outstanding gatherings is reflected in their meticulous attention to detail. They ensure that every aspect of the event is carefully planned and executed, leaving no room for mistakes. This attention to detail guarantees that guests will be genuinely impressed.

Unmatched Expertise

Choose Marquee Hire London for an unmatched expertise that exceeds expectations. Their team of professionals has the knowledge and skills to handle any event, no matter the size or complexity. Their expertise ensures that every event is executed flawlessly.

Creating Unforgettable Experiences

The company's commitment to excellence is evident in their goal of creating unforgettable experiences for their clients and their guests. They strive to leave a lasting impact on everyone involved, ensuring that the event becomes a cherished memory.'
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