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The Japanese Knotweed Group also offer a 10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee so you have extra peace mind against re-growth once the treatment is complete. If you find Japanese knotweed on your property you should begin treatment as soon as possible. The larger the infestation, the more damage it can cause to your building foundations and the more difficult it is to eradicate from your land. If you suspect that you have Japanese knotweed then it is important to identify it early as unfortunately the longer you leave it, the more costly it becomes. As Japanese knotweed can grow up to 10cm a day and can spread so easily, early detection is of utmost importance to keep the cost down. A professional Japanese knotweed treatment programme can last up to 5 years. Continually evaluate the area after the initial Japanese knotweed eradication and removal process has been completed to ensure it is not growing back. If you plan to buy or sell an affected property, do not undertake a treatment plan you cannot guarantee. Mortgage lenders will want assurances that the problem is under control. We will give you free Japanese knotweed advice if you are thinking of DIY removal that's not a problem also you can send pictures if you thinks you have knotweed but not sure. We are here to help you with your knotweed needs so if you have a problem just call we are happy to help our help line is open 7 days a week.Japanese knotweed group

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