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Industrial Fasteners & Fixings - EJOT

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EJOT Fasteners and Fixings.

High performance cars and a standing seam roof system ...what's the connection?When engineers at Lotus developed the chassis for the Elise, our industrial designteam worked to perfect a fastener capable of joining different metal types, whilstmaintaining shear resistant joints.

EJOT industrial fasteners are found in countless assemblies worldwide. Key to our success is our capability to engineer customer specific solutions for a multitude of applications, reducing system costs in the process.

System costs include development, part-manufacturing, treatment, assembly, quality assurance and logistics etc. We work with customers to create bespoke solutions and multi-functional fastening elements. The aim is to reduce the frequency of inspection or interruption, through the benefits of direct-fix technology.

A deeper dive into ejot.co.uk

Common questions asked about www.ejot.co.uk

1. What types of building fasteners does EJOT offer?

EJOT offers a wide range of building fasteners, including self-drilling fasteners, colorfast fasteners, powder coated fasteners, rainscreen fasteners, self-tapping fasteners, concrete screws, and solar fasteners. These fasteners are designed to meet various construction needs and provide secure and reliable connections.

2. What are the advantages of using EJOT self-drilling fasteners?

EJOT self-drilling fasteners offer several advantages. They eliminate the need for pre-drilling, saving time and effort during installation. These fasteners also provide high pull-out and shear strengths, ensuring a secure attachment. Additionally, EJOT self-drilling fasteners are corrosion-resistant, making them suitable for outdoor applications and ensuring long-lasting performance.

3. What are the different types of anchors offered by EJOT?

EJOT offers a range of anchors, including screw set anchors, LIEBIG anchors, metal expansion & chemical anchors, and scaffolding anchors. These anchors are designed to provide reliable and secure fastening solutions for various applications, such as concrete, masonry, and metal structures. Each type of anchor has specific features and benefits, catering to different construction requirements.

4. Are EJOT fasteners suitable for use in outdoor environments?

Yes, EJOT fasteners are designed to withstand outdoor environments. Many of their fasteners are corrosion-resistant, ensuring durability and performance even in challenging weather conditions. EJOT also offers powder coated and colorfast fasteners, which provide additional protection against corrosion and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the fastened structures.

5. Can EJOT provide customized fastening solutions?

Yes, EJOT offers customized fastening solutions to meet specific customer requirements. They have a team of experts who can work closely with customers to develop tailored fastening solutions for unique applications. Whether it's modifying existing fasteners or designing new ones, EJOT has the capabilities to provide customized solutions that ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

Some reasons to choose ejot.co.uk

Wide Range of Building Fasteners

The company offers a wide range of building fasteners, including self-drilling fasteners, colorfast fasteners, powder coated fasteners, rainscreen fasteners, self-tapping fasteners, concrete screws, and solar fasteners. This ensures that customers can find the right fasteners for their specific needs and preferences.

Diverse Selection of Anchors

Customers can choose from a diverse selection of anchors, such as screw set anchors, LIEBIG anchors, metal expansion and chemical anchors, and scaffolding anchors. This allows customers to find the most suitable anchors for their construction projects, ensuring safety and stability.

Easy Registration and Login

The company provides a user-friendly registration and login process, making it convenient for customers to create an account and access their personalized information. This allows for a seamless shopping experience and easy tracking of orders.

Convenient Cart Functionality

The website features a cart function that enables customers to easily add products to their cart and review their selected items before making a purchase. This simplifies the buying process and ensures that customers can keep track of their desired products.

Product Selector for Easy Navigation

The company offers a product selector tool, which helps customers navigate through the website and find the specific products they are looking for. This saves time and effort by providing a streamlined browsing experience.
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