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Gardening and Landscaping

DIY Gardening - Get Started With Gardening

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A gardening website with beautiful images and insightful guides all aimed at novice and enthusiast gardeners in the UK and abroad.

Created by Hannah Miller and Daniel Woodley, the DIY Gardening website offers:

  • Free advice on plant choice and care.
  • Propagation tips and step-by-step instructions.
  • Hard landscaping tips and ideas.
  • Pest control products.
  • Organic alternatives to chemical products.
  • Honest product reviews.
  • A series of lawn care guides where we reveal the techniques professional lawn care specialists use.
  • Photos of our plants that you can use for free on your blog or website.

Regularly updated and featuring some of the most insightful gardening content in the web, we think any newbie gardener can gain valuable knowledge from our content.

Explore DIY Gardening today and learn how to grow grass in shaded gardens, how to choose plants that grow quickly and even how to deter foxes and other pests.

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UK (Frimley, Surrey) based business providing gardening advice, hints and tips. Website includes articles and guides, "meet the team" information, blog, full contact details.
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