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Build your grow room with best tents, cabinets & HPS or LED lighting

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Grow tents, cabinets, HPS and LED lights comparison

Grow tents, cabinets and HPS or LEDs lighting comparison

All indoor growers have the same dream. Build the perfect growing room to get high yielding crops and the best quality possible. To achieve this goal, it's essential to have the best growing material for the growth and flowering of your plants. Rooms4Growers is here to help you find and build your growing room.

1. Compare grow tents and cabinets to buy the best one

If you need a grow tents or growing cabinets to start your crops, Rooms4Growers will help you to compare all tents manufacturers such as Gorilla Grow Tent, Secret Jardin, HomeBox GrowLab, YeldLab, Mammoth tent, SuperCloset etc.Growers can also consult user's reviews to choose the best growing tent. For continuous harvest, Rooms4Growers present to growers a comparison of dual tents and cloning tents which is very helpfully.

2. Compare HPS, MH and LEDs lighting to buy the best one

Good lighting is fundamental for successful planting and harvesting. Rooms4Growers allows indoor growers to consult detailed ratings and comparisons to purchase the best HPS, MH or LED lighting for their crop. The best lighting brands such as California Light Works, Kind LED Grow Lights or Black Dog LED are referenced on this comparator.

3. Buy your growing equipment at the best price online

Rooms4Growers is also the first dedicated price comparison for indoor growers who want to buy their growing tents, cabinets and HPS or LED lighting at the cheapest price online. Rooms4Growers compares in real time the prices of many resellers such as GrowAce, GrowersHouse, LEDgrowLightsDepot, Amazon, Ebay etc. The best material and the lowest prices available online for your growing equipment is necessarily on Rooms4Growers.

Or get simply an ultimate complete indoor growing kit and package ...

If you start your cultivation from the beginning, start it from scratch, we advise you to consult the complete indoor growing kit in tent or cabinet. You just have to choose your lighting that can be based on HPS lamps, CFL bulbs, or under LED panel. Then choose your growing system between a soil culture, or a sophisticated hydroponics system. Complete indoor grow package include everything needed for successful harvesting with a tent, lighting adapted to its size, growth, ventilation, pH and temperature control etc.

Website providing a product catalogue of accessories for growing plants indoors. Website includes browsable catalogue (with links to buy pages).
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