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Best Inflatable Hot Tubs to Buy in 2020 (Updated in July)


Inflatable hot tub center is a leading blow-up spa review website. It features buying guides, FAQs, and reviews of individual hot tubs.

A soak in a hot tub is worth every penny. Anyway, we're trying to find a balance between the price and quality/longevity of the product. Is Intex better than GoPlus? Visit us and find out now. FAQ

How do you blow up a lay z spa?

The included blower for air bubbles doubles as an inflator to blow up the lay-z-spa.check out this video:hereís how you blow up a lay-z-spa:spread out the hot tub over the ground and make sure itís the right side up.connect the inflation hose to adapter a on the the massage button on the control panel to activate the pump.never blow up your spa with a compressor as it may overpressure the inflatable walls.

What is a soft tub?

The softtub spa is a durable and lightweight inflatable hot tub made by softtub company. softtub spas are well known for their efficiency and good insulation. water pump technology called whispertm makes it a really quiet spa.

How many gallons of water does a lazy spa hold?

Lay-z-spa holds around 254 gals. of water, which translates to around 2100 lbs of weight.

Do the jets have to be on to heat an inflatable hot tub?

Air jets donít have to be on to heat the hot tub. actually itís the opposite. the jets are usually cooling the water much faster than the heater would be able to heat. most of the inflatable hot tubs canít heat the water and run the jets at the same time.

How can i heat my hot tub faster?

Use a hot tub cover.using a cover will greatly reduce heat losses and thus make the heating process more efficient.prefill the hot tub with warm water.the heater will have much less work to do to heat the water to the desired it in a sunny place.the sun can help greatly with the heating of the water or maintaining the temperature during the day.

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