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The Future of Barbeques is here...

The days of apprehension and black sausages are now over thanks to the launch of a new barbecue(BBQ) which cooks food to perfection. The BarbeSkew - which takes it's name from BARBEcue and SKEWer - combines the traditional BBQ with a spit roast. Instead of a BBQ grill above the flames, the BarbeSkew BBQ automatically slowly rotates the food on skewers ensuring it is cooked thoroughly but making sure it doesn't burn. Larger produce such as fish and burgers can be cooked too on the BarbeSkew BBQ by placing them in a rotating cage.


First of a new brand of barbecue (BBQ) that automatically rotates the food ensuring it is cooked evenly without charring.

Mouth-watering traditional charcoal barbecue flavour.

Cooks both chicken and pork more thoroughly.

Hands-free cooking mechanism frees the host to enjoy a glass of wine and mingle with guests.

Easy-clean removable charcoal tray/removable fat tray.

A barbecue (BBQ) style popular in the Mediterranean, The BarbeSkew Company brings a taste of the Mediterranean into your back garden.

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